Counselling via Skype



Skype sessions have become an increasingly popular practice in counselling.  

People living abroad, not well enough to travel, and those that wish to have a therapist who is not based in the same location for confidentiality reasons are welcome.



Advantages of Counselling via Skype


  • Flexible hours
  • Comfort of Your home
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Saving time and money on comuting
  • Ideal for Clients, who struggle with face to face contact
  • Perfect solution for people who often travel


Can Skype Counselling be effective as face to face therapy?


Research shows that Online Counselling can be as effective and clients are highly sattisfied with the results.

Clients and therapist are able to establish a good relationship just as they would do in person.



How does the telephone or Skype Counselling work?


You can contact us, either by phone or e-mail, and we agree a date and time for our counselling session. Your counsellor would contact you via Skype on the day of the session.  

If you require telephone counselling, this option is also available. 


How do I pay for Skype/Telephone Counselling?


Payment can be made via bank transfer, directly to our bank account. This is required to be arranged not later than 48h from when the session was booked.



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